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Registering an FB999 account can be done by signing up on FB999 using a phone number. However, this option is only available for phone numbers that have not been registered on FB999 before.

Here’s how to register using a phone number:

If you are unable to register for an FB999 account:
1. Make sure you have updated the FB999 application to the latest version.
2. Ensure that the phone number you wish to register is still active and has not been used on an FB999 account before, as currently, one phone number can only be used for one FB999 account.
3. Try logging out of the FB999 application and then log back in, or you can try checking using another device.

1. FB999 is accessible only through Nigerian networks.
2. If you are outside Nigeria, download ‘VPN Nigeria – Turbo Master VPN’ to access FB999.
3. If you are in Nigeria but using a VPN from outside the country, you cannot open FB999. Please turn off the VPN first.

Here’s how to unblock if you’ve been blocked:

If you are still blocked or the screen remains blank after using VPN:
1. Ensure that your network connection is good.
2. It is recommended not to use Wi-Fi, but to use the network from your own device.
3. Make sure your device is updated to the latest version.

Strict warning: Do not save bank account details. Every time you make a deposit, please follow the steps from the beginning because the bank details will change with each deposit.
Tips: Please do not pay different amounts. Pay as much as you deposit

Here’s how to deposit on FB999:

After successfully transferring money to the bank account provided, the process usually takes 1-3 minutes (max 30 minutes) and the money will go into your FB999 account

First, fill in your bank information so you can make withdrawals on FB999. However, this option is only available for bank accounts that have not been linked to FB999 before. Ensure that the bank account you wish to link is still active and has not been used for an FB999 account before, as currently, one bank account can only be associated with one FB999 account.

Here’s how to fill in your bank details within TPPLAY:

Here’s how to make a withdrawal on FB999:

After click confirm withdrawal, the process usually takes 3-20 minutes (max 2 hours) and the money will go into your bank account.

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